Cajun HR Services takes the safety and wellbeing of its staff, clients and third parties working with us very seriously.

We have completed a risk assessment for the way we operate and deliver our services. Cajun HR Services follows guidance issued by the Government, the devolved governments in the UK, and Public Health scientific advisors.

We have identified a range of controls to manage the risk of Covid-19 cross contamination and transmission.

Where the risk of Covid-19 cannot be controlled to an acceptable level, Cajun HR Services has suspended their services and work activities.

Where services can be offered by an alternative means this has been implemented so that Cajun HR Services can still service our clients.

As a result of the risk assessment, Cajun HR Services has implemented (where reasonably practicable) a range of controls which include: 

  • Where risk of transmission cannot be controlled, services and work activities have been suspended. 
  • We have identified clear controls for providing services to clinically vulnerable and clinically extremely vulnerable staff and clients. 
  • We have enhanced cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with official guidance. 
  • We have taken all reasonable steps to maintain a 2 metre or 1 metre plus with mitigation for social distance in the workplace. Where social distancing is not always possible, we have put in place measures to manage transmission risk including limiting the number of staff in the office for example.
  • We have strongly recommended and encourage our team who are visiting clients to follow all advice regarding using public transport, wearing of face coverings and adhering to client specific COVID 19 working safely guidelines on arrival.  
  • We have encouraged social distancing and increased hygiene standards.
  • We have provided information, instruction and training to ensure staff are fully aware of the precautions needed to control transmission. 
  • We are limiting the number of staff working in offices and where work can be carried out from home this has been encouraged where it is reasonably practicable.
  • We have encouraged staff to take a vaccination, but recognise that it is a personal decision.
  • We have encouraged staff to conduct twice weekly lateral flow tests.
  • We have told staff not to attend work if they are displaying any symptoms but to stay at home and seek advice from NHS 111.
  • When visiting clients we adhere to their COVID 19 protocols, we complete a covid declaration should it be required and conduct a lateral flow test on the day of arrival.
  • We collect personal data to support test and trace procedures.

The risk assessment is reviewed regularly to ensure controls are still relevant and being implemented. It also informs our decision on the relaxation of restrictions whilst still managing the risk of transmission.

Cajun HR Services will continue to review the impact of local restriction and lockdowns across the UK and keep our clients informed of the impact to the services we offer.

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