Appraisal – an utter waste of time or an important conversation?

No one ever said, “I can’t wait for my appraisal!”

Well maybe us in our formative years, but as a general rule you tended to hear – from a manager – “best I tick that one off my list for another year” or, from an employee – “I’m quite interested in knowing how I’m doing, but the process is pretty torturous!”

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Hybrid working – the death of the office or an opportunity to explore a new way to work?

The global pandemic that hit the world in 2020 has without doubt, been a game changer when it comes to the way we work.

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You are the boss. Now what?

So, that moment has come when not only do you have your own business, but you have actually reached the point of employing people as part of your team. And we are fairly certain that whatever your passion is, it is not the paperwork behind being an employer!

That aside, there are some core obligations that you need to meet before you carry on with growing your company. Below are the 6 key points you need to cover off.

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